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Founded in 2015, Marcegaglia Turkey is located in Ergene, Tekirdag (Turkey) and is dedicated to the manufacturing of stainless steel welded tubes round and box section.

The manufacturing unit is part of Marcegaglia Specialties network worldwide.

Through its production of High Frequency welding technology, Marcegaglia Turkey aims to expand the Marcegaglia existing manufacturing network and to sustain the internal demand, that is addressing to import, increasing the domestic production.

Marcegaglia Turkey’s production is addressed to foreign markets as well, all over Mediterranean, the Balkans/Black Sea area and MENA countries.

Marcegaglia among the 2020 Global Awards for Steel Excellence winners

On the occasion of the "2020 Global Awards for Steel Excellence" sponsored by Fastmarkets, Marcegaglia Ravenna presented itself with 5 applications in three different categories, thanks to two innovative projects: Tensil Pro and Smart Line.

Marcegaglia Annual Report 2019 is online, in the Publications area of Marcegaglia website.

Marcegaglia Turkey manufactures a wide range of stainless steel welded round tubes in thicknesses from 1,00 to 3,00mm, diameters till 63.50 mm and stainless steel square in dimensions from 20x20 to 50x50 mm and rectangular tubes in dimensions from 30x10 to 80x20 mm.

Marcegaglia Specialties is further expanding its range of cold rolled stainless steel coils and sheets and hot rolled stainless steel sheets with the new grade Aisi 316Ti according to EN 1.4571.

Tensil-Pro® has been nominated in the "Best Operational Improvements" and "Best Innovation - Process" categories of the prestigious Global Awards for Steel Excellence 2020.

Marcegaglia Turkey, thanks to its controlled and certified production chain of semi-finished and finished products, is one of the main participants in the global stainless steel network Marcegaglia Specialties, developed in Turkey, Russia, Italy and Brasil.

Marcegaglia Specialties, to better meet the stainless steel market demand, extends its product range of flat products by adding a new range of hot rolled stainless steel sheets, with a width of 2,000 mm, thicknesses up to 12 mm, in 304L, 316L and 316Ti grades.

Stainless steel pipes are primarily used in piping systems for the transport of fluids or gases. Since they are easily cleaned and sanitized, stainless steel pipes are also desired for applications involving food, beverages, and pharmaceutical applications.

In the context of the Coronavirus emergency that is affecting Turkey and the whole world, Marcegaglia Turkey has donated to support Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Hospital with some medical equipments.

Marcegaglia Turkey, with its operations located in Ergene, Tekirdag (Turkey), manufactures a wide range of stainless steel tubes and box sections for the automotive industry.

Mechanical properties, aesthetic values and durability: stainless steel is the environment-friendly material of choice for contemporary architecture.

In this dramatic moment of global health emergency, the Marcegaglia family has chosen to support those fighting against the COVID 19 virus at the forefront with a concrete gesture.

Coronavirus updating: our adopted protocol is published.


Marcegaglia Turkey is the Marcegaglia productive reality dedicated to the manufacturing of stainless steel welded tubes round and box section.

The manufacturing unit is part of Marcegaglia Specialties network worldwide.


Marcegaglia official app for smartphones and tablets is availabe on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Marcegaglia Carbon Steel, thanks to the control of the entire cold-drawn welded tubes production process, can provide a fully controlled and certified production chain.

Marcegaglia,  through Marcegaglia Plates, the company dedicated to heavy quarto plates rolling, finalised the purchase of 100% of the capital of Palini & Bertoli from the Russian company Evraz.

The Chairman and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia was one of the speakers at the "European Steel Conference", organized by World Steel Dynamics in Milan on 28, 29 and 30 October, during which the trends of the steel market were analyzed.

Marcegaglia Turkey has obtained on 25.09.2019 the important Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards Institute about TS EN 10296-2:2006.

Marcegaglia Specialties contributes to the construction of the largest single site CSP(Concentrating Solar Power) plant in the world.

Our Sales Office have changed its contact numbers.

Marcegaglia Annual Report 2018 is online, in the Publications area of Marcegaglia website.

Marcegaglia aims to improve the internal process, customer service - in terms of capacity and speed of response - and the process of communicating with suppliers to create an ever-closer relationship.

"Casa Marcegaglia" will be a permanent museum structure standing on an area of ​​1,300 square meters in the headquarters of the homonymous industrial group, located in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti.

The eighth edition of Made in Steel, the main event in Southern Europe dedicated to the steel industry, has just ended.

Marcegaglia official app for smartphones and tablets is online on the App Store and Google Play Store.

In 1959, exactly 60 years ago, Steno Marcegaglia established a small factory, Marcegaglia-Caraffini, specialized in the manufacturing of roller shutter and open profiles. The company was taken over a few time later and re-named Metallurgica Mantovana.

  Marcegaglia Turkey

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