/Stainless Steel/Optional processing


Depending on the needs, it is therefore possible to choose the type of processing to be applied in order to have a high quality product, characterized by different mechanical and aesthetic qualities.

The Brushing (180 Grid) gives to stainless products a surface perfectly uniform and almost without traces. The process is made by using non-woven synthetic fibre materials (nylon) impregnated with abrasive granules of aluminium oxide and silicon carbide.

A second option is the Satine (320 Grid) finishing, which guarantees a good uniformity of the roughness values on the whole surface and a good appearance finish, thanks to the use of abrasive e belts in various grits, for the removal of oxides and other impurities.

Finally, the Mirror polishing (600 Grid) finishing ensures that stainless steel products are highly reflective, smooth finish with a scratch free appearance, achieved through polishing the stainless steel. The benefit to a mirror finish is highly corrosion resistant and a and an aesthetically pleasing surface finish. This is due to the polishing procedure which removes deep scratches which can harbor corrosive particles.

• Brushing: 180 Grid
• Satine: 320 Grid
• Mirror polishing: 600 Grid

On request, Marcegaglia Turkey is able to meet the customer’s needs with optional processing.

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