Industry 4.0: Marcegaglia’s continuous progress for the intelligent factory of the future

October 5th, 2020

Industry 4.0: Marcegaglia’s continuous progress for the intelligent factory of the future

An intelligent, resilient and integrated factory, in which every mechanism collaborates to enhance the company through innovation.

This is the portrait of Marcegaglia emerged from the webinar “Intelligent Factory Networks of the Future – The Italian way to 4.0 at the time of Recovery Fund”, organized by Cluster Fabbrica Intelligente in collaboration with Pathfinder Cisco and with the support of Industria Italiana.

Speaker for the Marcegaglia group was Livio Bonatti, ICT Network Infrastructure Manager. “Our company can be considered a real pioneer of steel 4.0: a clear example of this is the whole logistics activity of the Ravenna plant, the largest of the group. The dock of the port has been completely digitalized and, thanks to the total wi-fi coverage, our operators can follow on their PDA every activity of loading and unloading of ships. Also the logistics inside the plant has been automated through the use of AGV self-driven shuttles for the transport of coils from one production line to another. And these are just two of the many interconnection applications that we have developed within our supply chain.”

“With a wider look” Bonatti explained “we can say that the pillars of our Intelligent Factory are four: Factory Network, Factory Wireless, Factory Security and IoT (Internet of Things). The first is characterized by the unification of the network infrastructure of the plants on industrial equipment, in which computer security plays a key role. Added to this is the segmentation into VLANs and the application of a unique IP addressing plan.

In the field of wireless, instead, Marcegaglia has unified its infrastructure, moving critical plant networks on 5GHz frequency and integrating plant wireless networks with the corporate one.”

“Security is also very important to us in this context”, continued Bonatti: “that’s why we have centralized all its equipment and policies, controlling the flows coming from the plants and accesses on the entire IT infrastructure.

Finally, as far as the IoT is concerned, we have started a data extraction process, already operational on a Forlì plant line, which will make it possible to control more closely all the information flows within the group”.

Thanks to these technological advances, Marcegaglia confirms its position as a leader in the steel industry also in the 4.0 industry.


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