Stainless steel tubes: maximum reliability in any type of application

January 28th, 2021

Stainless steel tubes: maximum reliability in any type of application

Stainless steel guarantees to products considerable resistance to corrosion: this feature is due to the presence of alloying elements, mainly chromium, able to cover themselves with a thin and adherent layer of oxides, with a thickness equal to a few atomic layers that protects the underlying metal from the action of external chemical agents.

For this reason, stainless steel tubes have maximum reliability for any type of application and industrial context, and they are characterized by mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, thermal efficiency, longevity, heat resistance and aesthetics, capable of withstand a very long time and to last beyond wear and any possible external agent.

The application of stainless steel tubes is suitable in industrial sectors such as the dairy and food, automotive, energy industry, ornamental, design, architecture, petrochemical, mining and pharmaceutical sectors.

To meet the growing demands of an ever-growing market, Marcegaglia Turkey, with its operations in Ergene, manufactures a wide range of stainless steel welded tubes, in thicknesses from 1.0 to 3.0 mm and diameters from 16 to 63.5 mm and box sections, in thicknesses from 1 to 3 mm and outside diameters from 20×20 to 60×20 mm, according to the main manufacturing standards.

Marcegaglia Turkey product range includes certified products for various applications, complying to main manufacturing standards, offering to its customers the most advanced technological solutions, helping them to develop and implement the most stringent safety protocols.

Thanks to our controlled production chain of semi-finished and finished products, Marcegaglia Turkey is one of the main player in the global stainless steel network Marcegaglia Specialties, developed in Turkey, Russia, Italy and Brasil.

Discover Marcegaglia Turkey complete product range.

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